Hey! My name is M. Ashley! I’m the author of the children’s book Damien Discovers His Gift, and a natural a lover of words. As My faith drives me and The Holy spirit leads me I’m compelled to write. Welcome to my blog! I hope you leave a little more encouraged and inspired to be boldly and freely you!

Love Always,

M. Ashely

The One

Don’t forget

That I’m the one who made you

I’m the one who saved you

I’m the one they came to

I’m the one who healed the multitudes

Yeah I’m the one who rose again, just to live in you

So don’t be shocked

When you’re the one they run to

Tell all their problems and confess to

Now you’re the one to be an example of true Kingdom Rule 

See, You are me and I am you 

You are doing what you are supposed to 

You are  manifesting truth 

Performing the greater works I entrusted to you 

Don’t doubt what I tell you

Know that you will make it out to be proof

Of what trusting me can really do

Because I’m the one with the plans

But your the one with the natural hands 

Every dream has a vision to be seen

But you may struggle some in between 

Don’t forget 

That I’m the one who created you

To be The One to perform the truth 

Listen to Me

Dream On