Hey! My name is M. Ashley! I’m the author of the children’s book Damien Discovers His Gift, and a natural a lover of words. As My faith drives me and The Holy spirit leads me I’m compelled to write. Welcome to my blog! I hope you leave a little more encouraged and inspired to be boldly and freely you!

Love Always,

M. Ashely

Plot Twist: It's You

Stop looking around

& listen to the sound

of the walls falling down

of the cheering of the crowds

of people being set free

coming back home to Me

of nations crying out

of the gates opening to the spirit realm

The world is waiting

for more loving & less hating

There are specific needs

that will be met through your hearing…

my instructions,

which will yeild never-ending resolutions

See you can ask & recieve,

because the answer has always been Me

Takeover You

with nothing but the truth

get your soul aligned

so your purpose can shine

Through the to world’s house

Stand Up, speak louder, don’t be a mouse

No grasshoppers here

No more living in fear

You are the bigger person

because of the Jesus in you teaching the real lesson

Begining, middle, and end

its not how you start its how you fin

-ish, and see all that stuff in between

well that’s where the fun can be seen

The lies may show through

but shhh, here’s the truth

Plot Twist: It’s You

Change isn't Strange

Let Your Love Be