Hey! My name is M. Ashley! I’m the author of the children’s book Damien Discovers His Gift, and a natural a lover of words. As My faith drives me and The Holy spirit leads me I’m compelled to write. Welcome to my blog! I hope you leave a little more encouraged and inspired to be boldly and freely you!

Love Always,

M. Ashely

Let Go of Your Pride

Let go of your pride

God is trying to bless you in disguise

This is just another test

God wants you to be in Supernatural Rest

It is well with your soul

Give yourself a chance to unfold

Release the _____ from within

He’s allowing you to start really living

Pressure makes the diamond

Raw cut, you’re getting the chance to blend

— out, not in

changes are coming

but is Love what you’re manifestin’

Remember that some of the “greats”

have been here

will you be wise

or act out of fear?

God speed is the realest,

so watch how I move you

if you let me get you “through” this

The lady’s son was dead

but she didn’t let that get in her head.

[ 2 Kings 4:18-37 ]

That just may be your

next stepping stone,

but if you don’t yield to My plan

will you ever know?

Be present and along for the ride

because remember I control the tide.

Stop worrying and wondering

I already saw this coming

Let go of your pride

It’s not like you’re the one who decides

Dream On

Forever More