Hey! My name is M. Ashley! I’m the author of the children’s book Damien Discovers His Gift, and a natural a lover of words. As My faith drives me and The Holy spirit leads me I’m compelled to write. Welcome to my blog! I hope you leave a little more encouraged and inspired to be boldly and freely you!

Love Always,

M. Ashely

Shake Back

Shake back

Bc the enemy is out to attack

Your mind 

Guard your soul

Don’t let em get control

Of everything you know 

It’s time for your Supernatural rest

So let your mind at ease not in death

Because a double minded man is wiked

Double minded meaning they don’t know which way to pick it

Think of the world or of Me

It’s an easy choice, but for some hard to see

You are greater 

You are higher

I swear I’ll fulfill all your desires

Renew your mind, don’t be blind

Captivate every thought 

See if Jesus is what it sought

If not throw it out

Because ain’t nothing good gonna come out 

Of it lingering around and then growing into sound

Speaking of growing, Grow up into Him who you were meant to be found 

Run along, stay full of prayer

And relax in my rest because only there

Is where

the energy of the enemy wouldn’t dare 

So you’ll be left without care

The calm in the storm

Everyone around wondering what for

Offense & Defense

Ode to my Enemy