Hey! My name is M. Ashley! I’m the author of the children’s book Damien Discovers His Gift, and a natural a lover of words. As My faith drives me and The Holy spirit leads me I’m compelled to write. Welcome to my blog! I hope you leave a little more encouraged and inspired to be boldly and freely you!

Love Always,

M. Ashely


Seek ye, seek He

And let Me give you all the things 

I am The Way 

For Heavens Sake! 

Lo Here or Lo there

Can y’all just stop looking everywhere 

Stop waiting on Amazon Prime

Switch to Supernatural time

In fact your package is at the door

And it didn’t come from a store

Don’t wait for it anymore 

Because it arrived way, way before 

See everything I have is yours

Wow, everything. That’s truly a magnificent word

Everything includes all 

Which is way more than you can get at the mall

Don’t recreate the wheel 

Just touch and receive your heal-

-ing, now go ahead and sing

Look how wonderful my God is at giving 

Then run and receive 

And help everyone believe 

Evangelize the world

Bring em back to the protective hold

Let Kingdom Citizens reign

With their dominion finally back again 

Stand Tall you giants

Show em’ who Jesus really is 

So don’t be scared to Be the blessing

Cuz’ there ain’t nobody here who cares for impressing 

All powerful & all knowing

But he needs you to be all showing 

Angels Among Us

“I Want More”